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In-Home Design Services

Kitchen design can be a huge project. Some places that you’ll go simply put whomever is currently on sales in that department in charge of all aspects of kitchen redesign. But not LumberJack.

At LumberJack we have actual kitchen remodel designers with decades of personal experience in design, materials and layout. When you come into LumberJack you will be dealing directly with a designer who will be with your project from beginning to end. A designer who can move you from dream to concept to reality. One person who will help you get the kitchen you desire while keeping costs down to a minimum. 

Design expert Connie

 Getting to know you

Your LumberJack designer will start by getting to know you. That begins with talking to you and getting an idea of what you’re looking for. You’ll look over the showroom together to get an idea of the styles and finishes available to you. Then, they’ll come to your home and do exact measurements. This will ensure that your materials list will have the bare minimum of waste. That saves you money.

Next, your new kitchen will be envisioned through the use of the latest design software. It’s at this point that the sky 's the limit. Things can be easily changed inside your virtual kitchen, allowing you to experiment without expensive trial and error. That kind of versatility only comes via a real design staff.

 Selecting materials

Moving on, this is where the process becomes more refined. Design changes are made and materials finalized. This may require a return to the showroom or a simple confirmation.

Once your materials have been chosen, from cabinets and countertops to hardware and lighting, your designer will help match you with a local contractor whose reputation is beyond reproach. Of course, your design is a work in progress at this point. Things can be added, things can be removed. Change is inevitable.

selecting materials

LumberJack’s designers have access to some of the most sought after cabinets on the market today. Choose cabinets from:

Featured Brands

A project like this can take up to six months from conception to completion, so it’s good to have someone that you trust to guide you through it. Although LumberJack can’t perform the actual installation and finish work, our designer will continue to be there to support you through the project.

Countertop samples

 Choices and more choices

Your hardware choices are the signature of your design and your LumberJack designer will give you the benefit of their decades of expertise in helping you choose the style that truly represents your look.

As for countertops, your LumberJack designer will bring you together with experts in the field. Among many styles, you can choose from Granite and Quartz stone countertops, available from 12 major companies including Cambria stone®. These countertops are installed by a separate company.

So for kitchen projects, large and small, LumberJack’s design staff are always ready to guide you around the possible pitfalls and right into the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Come in to your local LumberJack and get to know your new designer. They’ll help to demystify the process of kitchen design.

For cabinets & more, count on your local LumberJack store to make your dreams a reality. Call Cindy at Marysville, 810-364-8877, or Connie at New Baltimore, 586-725-2341.