All Decks Deserve Trex®.

Trex deck

Nothing gives you the protection, durability and performance of Trex Decking. If you want a deck that will last you a lifetime, Trex products are an excellent choice. And with Trex's deep wood grain pattern and natural colors, your neighbors will never know it's not real wood.


Unless you tell them. And we won’t blame you if you do. After all, there are so many reasons why Trex Decking is better than wood.

Trex vs Natural Wood

Trex won't warp, crack, mold, fade, or get destroyed by termites. You can't say the same about natural wood decking. Sure, a wooden deck can be planed flat, sanded smooth, and re-coated. But who wants to go through all that trouble? When you build your deck with Trex, you build it once and enjoy it for a lifetime.

Protective Shell

Trex decking comes with a high-density protective shell around each board. This provides superior protection from dings, dents and scratches that would damage other composite or natural wood decking over time.

Trex Deck

25-Year Warranty

Trex decking is engineered to withstand decades of foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. But sometimes you need a little extra reassurance. That’s why all Trex products are backed with a 25-year warranty. So you can rest assured that your deck is protected by Trex quality and so much more.

Even better: All Trex high-performance products are backed by an additional 25-year warranty against stains and fading. So you can always count on your Trex deck looking its best.

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